We make websites that sell themselves

We analyse the needs of your audience, take the customers wishes into account and convert
your dream into a thoughtful solution.Do you want to differentiate yourself
from your competitors and make a great first impression for your potential clients?
Appsider Web will develop a user-friendly website that will sell itself.

Unicorn Development Limited
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Our services

Corporate website

Are you creating a business or updating an outdated company website?
We are there for you on every step of the project, from a sketch of an idea to the finished product. We develop websites from scratch without site builders and popular templates – our solutions are uniquely designed for your needs.

Landing page

Landing pages are proven to be very popular and highly successful on the market. If your product doesn’t require worldwide broadcasting, we will present its story in a few scrolls. We have a particularly creative approach when it comes to landing pages, whether you’re promoting an advertising campaign or a specific service.

Online business card

Need make a statement but a social media page isn’t enough?
We will develop a plain and subtle online business card, which you can forward to clients as a portfolio or resume and make a great first impression.

Online shop

Even a complex and unfamiliar product can be easily sold if the online shop attracts attention. We will make a unique and distinctive design, along with a profound website for quick and easy purchases. Our solutions contain a user’s account, a shopping card and various integrated services.

Improving an existing website

Sometimes the developers don’t pay enough attention to your company’s image. Don’t worry, we’ll pick up the baton and finish the necessary features or make something new and implement it into your existing website.

Website redesign

If your website feels outdated – something needs to be done.
And we have that something! There is no need to re-write the whole website, we can just work on a new and stylish design, that will attract customers again.


We pass
to action?

Let’s go to action?
Let’s figure out how to create an effective application/website, its cost, and development time.


    Common questions

    How much does a website cost?

    The website’s price is dependant on two criteria: the amount of work and deadlines. A simple business card website starts <strong>at 250$</strong>. If you need a complex corporate website with a unique design in a specific deadline – the price starts <strong>from 1000$</strong>. You can find out more about deadlines, design fees and additional services by leaving a request on our website. We will gladly clear everything up for you in a personal meeting.

    How long will the development take?

    The date of release is strictly dependant on the amount of work and your feedback. If we have successfully agreed upon the general concept and you willingly communicate with us at all stages – a simple project will take <strong>from 3 weeks</strong>. More complex projects can take <strong>up to 3 months</strong>, depending on the feature list. We always stick to deadlines and are willing to discuss shorter terms.

    What do you need from me?

    A clear understanding of what you need the website for. Think about the goal of the website – to sell, to create an image, to retain customers, etc. A list of competitors, along with a feature list and some design preferences would be very appreciated.

    Do you create designs?

    Yes. We can create a unique design for your specific requests, if it’s necessary. Please note that the services of an in-house designer are not included in the website cost and must be paid separately. If you already have your own design and you only need development – we are eager to help.

    Do you do website maintenance?

    We guarantee website support, if you have such need. It includes feature/block replacement, changes in pages or revisions. The cost of support is discussed separately.

    Why should I choose Appsider Web?

    We’ve been in the development business since 2005, and we know how to listen to our customers. Our team combines the best practices and trends of 2020-2021 to create truly modern websites. Experience, communication skills and willingness to take on projects of various complexities – these are our core values.


    The price depends on the type of the website and the amount of pages.
    Please consult our manager for detailed information. The cost of additional features is calculated separately.*

    *Additional features include contact forms, sliders/banners, social media/messenger integrations, etc.


    About us


    In 2020 the vast majority of business went online. Customers have become more careful about who they turn to and pay more attention to companies’ web sites before they buy any product or service. Today one of the most important goals for any business is creating a powerful tool, which will reflect the uniqueness of the business’s idea, can retain visitors and answer all of their primary questions. We have picked up on that idea and created Appsider Web in response to the demands of the growing market for online services. We believe that several factors define a successful business project and an official website is by far the most important. The way you are presented online will determine your status and importance, make a first impression and decide whether you are worth trusting. 

    Thus Appsider Web:

    • analyses, what your audience expects to see
    • inspects websites of competitors and highlights your distinctive features
    • takes design, structure and logic preferences regarding the website into account
    • creates a project according to the standards of User Experience – makes the website clear and easy to use, while also being pleasant and visually sleek

    Our mission

    Develop a coherent environment that will be relevant for the next 5 years and will assist you in the sales funnel.

    Our strategy

    • analysis of your market segment
    • finding a unique style for your ideas
    • structure construction
    • custom layouts with your preferences in mind
    • attention to detail, so that the customer can easily examine your services
    • presentation of the finished website and reports at all stages of development

    Our team


    Oleg Piskun

    Chief Executive Officer


    Alexander Shmyrkov

    Web Branch Managing Partner

    photo_2020-09-22_12-08-28 1

    Elena Perevozchikova

    Chief Financial Officer

    We pass
    to action?

    Let’s go to action?
    Let’s figure out how to create an effective application/website, its cost, and development time.


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